Stations of the Cross

Stations of the Cross, also referred to as The Way of the Cross, are an important part of Lenten Devotions and are the favorite among Catholics as an addition to their Lent Prayers.

The public devotion of Stations was most notably begun with St Francis of Assisi and has continued through to this day. They are most often publicly held in Church during the Season of Lent, but can be done at any time even by a lay person in private.

Many like to take one Station and meditate on it throughout the day as they go about their normal routine. Making a habit to 'pray always' aids us in this since we can more easily keep the things of God formost in our thoughts.

The Stations are listed here so you can more easily meditate on them. You may also consider reading parts of the Passion from the Bible for a scriptural aspect of Our Lord's Passion and Death.

  1. Jesus is Condemned to Death
  2. Jesus is Made to Carry His Cross
  3. Jesus Falls the First Time
  4. Jesus Meets His Blessed Mother
  5. Simon of Cyrene Helps Jesus to Carry the Cross
  6. Veronica Wipes the Face of Jesus
  7. Jesus Falls the Second Time
  8. Jesus Speaks to the Women of Jerusalem
  9. Jesus Falls the Third Time
  10.  Jesus is Stripped of His Garments
  11. Jesus is Nailed to the Cross
  12.  Jesus Dies on the Cross
  13. Jesus is Taken Down from the Cross
  14. Jesus is Laid in the Tomb

The texts of the Passion of Our Lord are taken  from the Douay Rheims Bible:  St Matthew 26:1-75, 27:1-66,  St Mark 14:1-72, 15:1-47,  St Luke 22:1-71, 23:1-56,  St John 18:1-40, 19:1-42

Quotes From Our Popes on the Stations

The stations are a small way for us to make the required 'Acts of Reparation' for the injury our sins caused and still cause to this day. Every ounce of reparation we perform is a soothing balm to Our Lord just as every offence is a deep wound in His Sacred Heart.

Pope Pius XI: "some sort of compensation to be rendered for the injury"

 Pope John Paul II: "unceasing effort to stand beside the endless crosses on which the Son of God continues to be crucified"

Indugences for Participating in the Stations of the Cross

We can gain a Plenary Indulgence "for making the Way of the Cross. All that is required is, where the stations are properly erected, is devout meditation on the Passion and Death of Christ (not necessarily on the phase represented by the respective station) and movement from on station to another. However, when there is such a number of people that movement from station to station cannot be made without disturbance, it is sufficient if the one who leads the stations moves from one to the other, the rest remaining in their places. Those 'impeded' from making the stations can gain the same plenary indulgence by devout reading and meditation on the Passion and Death of Christ for at least half an hour."  ~ The New Regulations on Indulgences, Tan publications 

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