Salvation and Healing

by Barbara Stewart

Please pray and thank God for the wonderful times God gave me with cats Minou and Sylvestor Fluffy. Please pray that God will heal my heart of the extreme pain I feel upon having been separated from them.
Please pray for God to protect and guide Marie and heal her of epilepsy and save her soul and get her into a living situation that is good for her; also please pray and thank God for healing Andy of pneumonia, please pray that God will heal Andy of alcoholism and lead Andy into also a good living situation for Andy.
Please pray for my sister Diana and ask that God not let her die until God saves her; also that God continue to heal her as God has - God healed her elbow, her wrist and hand, and her hip of pinched nerve action and pain - glory to God!
Please pray for Tanya with Aids, Hepatitis and epileptic seizures that are threatening to cause blindness. Please pray that God will save her soul and also heal her. Thanks.
Please pray for Stacy and Chris for salvation and healing.
Please pray for all pets, domestic animals and wildlife.
Please pray for all souls to be saved.
Please pray for my family living and deceased; the deceased including Alex Graeme, Virginia Lou and Marion Janet; the living including Diana, David, Jayson, Uncle John (salvation and healing from prostate cancer), Aunt Hazel, Ann, Pat, Slugger, Topsy, Debbie, Susie, Mike, Nicola, the Zimmermans, the Molsons, the Barrys, all relatives rich or poor, living or deceased, that they will be saved and healed.
Please pray for Father Nicholas Gruner and the Consecration of Russia to be done to the Immaculate Heart of the Blessed Virgin Mary according to the dictates of Fatima.
Please pray for me for all graces needed for salvation, for final perseverance, for return to Mass and the Eucharist, eventually daily, for strength and focus and concentration to pray the Rosary and read the Bible daily, and eventually to memorize Scripture; for financial breakthroughs, for God to give me the gift of the graces for healing of whatever fears have held me back from achieving, for favour from God to complete hopefully this week the paperwork to apply for a grant for monies from ODSP (pension) to start businesses and investments, and favour from God that these monies will be released to me. I truly want to earn money honestly and in a godly way and be able to give money to the Roman Catholic Church, to help my family, to help the poor, homeless, elderly, disabled, marginalized, and all those in need of helps, plus to pay my debts and have enough money to support myself and be neat and clean and healthy and somewhat presentable. Also to give towards another Fatima Conference this year to bring awareness of the Fatima message to the world. Please pray that this will go well.

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