Prayers for Military Servicemen

We all have been asked for prayers for military service men and women who need our prayers. Our own loved ones, the loved ones of our friends or those from our school, church or town who we may not really know, but who we are grateful to for offering so much of their time and effort and in some cases, their lives, so we can continue to live our lives in freedom.

It is an honor to ask all of our readers to answer the following Catholic prayer requests for our active duty and our veterans who have given to their fellow countrymen so generously. Let us also remember to keep them in our daily Catholic prayers especially in our daily Rosary.

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It is a good intention to remember these men and women in the intentions of your Rosary, but if you would like a more specific prayer, here is a 'Prayer for Those in Active Service' that I got from a little prayer book entitled "Flowers from the Garden of the Precious Blood", that used to belong to my Mother.

Prayer for Those in Active Service ~ Prayers for Military Personnel

O God! We beseech Thee, watch over those exposed to the horrors of war, and to the spiritual dangers of a soldier's, a sailor's, or airman's life. Give them such a strong faith that no human respect may ever lead them to deny it, or fear to practice it. Do Thou, by Thy grace, fortify them against the contagion of bad example, that, being preserved from vice, and serving Thee faithfully, they may be ready to meet death wherever it may happen, through Christ our Lord. Amen.

Sacred Heart! Inspire them with sorrow for sin, and grant them pardon. Mother of God! Be with them on the battle field, and, if they should be called to make the supreme sacrifice, obtain for them that they may die in the grace of Thy Divine Son. St Joseph, pray for them. May their guardian angel protect them! Amen.

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Prayer Requests for other Military Servicemen:

Prayer Requests for Military Personnel 
Submit your prayer requests for military personnel that you would like others to pray for. Do you have loved ones who are on active duty or are veterans …

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