The Five Glorious Mysteries of the Rosary

The five Glorious Mysteries of the Rosary focus the meditations on Our Lord and Our Lady's life, from the Resurrection of Our Lord through to the Crowning of Our Lady as Queen of Heaven and Earth. 

From the start, Our Lord's Resurrection brings glory and hope to all of us with the fulfillment of His Word by His Resurrection and Ascension and by sending the Holy Ghost to strengthen the Apostles and Disciples.

The triumphant Assumption and Coronation of Our Blessed Mother is a reflection of God's goodness and glory, but it is also a foretaste of the rewards we will merit if we persevere in our trials and tribulations here on earth to attain our heavenly goal.

The Glorious decades of the Rosary are traditionally said on Wednesday, Saturday and Sundays outside of Lent, Advent and the Christmas Season.

1. The Resurrection ~ Fruit/Virtue: Faith
2. The Ascension ~ Fruit/Virtue: Hope
3. The Descent of the Holy Ghost ~ Fruit/Virtue: Charity
4. The Assumption of Our Lady ~ Fruit/Virtue: Union with Christ
5. The Coronation ~ Fruit/Virtue: Union with Thee

Meditation on these Mysteries helps us think of our after-life and the wonderful promises that are ours for the taking if we persevere in striving to live our lives in accordance to Our Lord's. The submission of our wills to His Divine Will will take us far on our paths to Heavenly Glory.

When are the Glorious Decades of the Rosary Said?

Traditionally, the Glorious decades are said on Wednesdays, Saturdays and on Sundays throughout the year from Easter Sunday up to Advent. (During Advent on Sundays, the Joyful Mysteries are said through the Christmas season, and in Lent the Sorrowful Mysteries are said.) So Sunday is a flexible day depending on what season we are in in the Church year.

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