Catholic Prayers for Daily Use and Different Seasons of the Church Year

Roman Catholic prayers are our way of supplicating our Lord for ourselves, our family and friends and for others that we may not even know, who may be in need of our prayers.

We also offer prayers in thanksgiving for special favors we have received and also for the Holy Souls in Purgatory since they can no longer 'help themselves', they need our assistance by our prayers and sacrifices to help eliminate their punishment in Purgatory due to their sins.

The sections we have listed below will walk you through daily prayers, prayers we offer in different seasons of the Church like Advent and Lent, and Novenas which are prayers said for Nine (9) hours, days or sets of days like in the 54 Day Rosary Novena. (It consists of 3 'novenas' of petitioning, and 3 'novenas' of thanksgiving)

Daily Prayers
The minimal prayers we should say each day and also prayers for those we are obliged to pray for. I would like to share with you the Catholic daily prayers that every one should know by heart. Some of these are used in the Holy Rosary .

Seasonal Prayers

Catholic Advent Prayers
Prayers and Novenas you can use/or say during Advent and to use for your Advent wreath prayers.

See also the Christmas Novena St Andrew's Christmas Novena.

Lent Prayers
Prayer usually used during Lent like the Stations of the Cross, but can also be recited/prayed any time of the year.

My favorite all around prayer book is the 1962 Daily Missal. It has the Mass Prayers, Morning and Evening prayers, Stations of the Cross, Forty Hours Devotion, extensive prayers and Masses for the dying, for the dead and the different prayers and ceremonies for the various sacraments.

Catholic Prayerbooks

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Advent Prayers

Christmas/Advent Prayers

Lenten Prayers

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