The Holy Rosary and Gifts

Our Lady, St Dominic, St Catherine of Siena,

Having been raised a cradle Catholic, I grew up saying the Rosary, also known as 'The Psalter of Our Lady'.

I don't remember saying it everyday, (you know how sketchy childhood memories can be) but I do remember my Mom and Dad insisting we learn all the Catholic Prayers needed to learn how to say/pray it devoutly.

It wasn't until I was in high school that I started to appreciate the power of saying rosaries, and, until I was an adult, loving it.

I would like to share with you how to pray the Rosary, one of the most widely used and recognized Catholic prayers using the original 15 mysteries lovingly given to us by Our Lady.

Rosaries in various forms have existed since the early days of the Church, but was formally given to us by our Blessed Mother in an apparition to St Dominic.

Also called Our Lady's Psalter, it was originally a way for uneducated people to imitate praying the 150 psalms, first starting out with people praying 150 Paters (Paternoster beads), this eventually turned into 150 Aves, and then finally into the form as we know it today with the bead divided up into decades with the Our Father and Glory Be Prayers starting and ending each decade.

There are many spiritual graces and other benefits (see the 15 Promises of Our Lady) to be gained by devotedly saying our Lady's Psalter every day. Each mystery also has a particular virtue that we pray for that can be announced after the decade is introduced.

If you are not used to taking the time to pray your beads daily, it may be a while before you can remember to pray every day, but be patient with yourself. It is not obligatory, (not binding under pain of sin), but the rewards you will gain are worth the effort to try and say one every day! Get a copy of our free printable prayers to help you easily memorize these common Catholic daily prayers.

~The 15 Promises~Indulgences, Plenary and Partial~Benefits of Meditation

One of my favorite Quotes:
"How praiseworthy, therefore, is the order of those households in which it is customary to say in common, every day, the Holy Rosary, or litany, and the night prayers!" Fr. Leonard Goffine

Giving a Rosary as a Gift on Special Occasions

Having been given rosaries as gifts throughout the years for major sacraments and accomplishments, like 1st Holy Communion, Confirmation and graduations, I have tangible things that bring back lots of fond memories and it also helps me remember to pray for all those benefactors.

Different Types of Rosaries

  • Dominican ~ The Dominican psalter is the normal set of Mysteries and prayers that everyone is familiar with and/or is the normal one to be lead in public.
  • Memento Mori ~ This set of string of beads itself is said just like the actual Dominican one and you would follow the normal mysteries. The thing that is different is the actual beads, which can be either just the Our Father bead, or all the beads, and they are shaped like a skull. Of course this would be the best choice out of your beads collection to use when saying the Sorrowful mysteries or if you are wanting to do a particular meditation on death.
  • Franciscan Crown ~ A special psalter that has seven (7) mysteries in honor of the Seven Joys of Mary.
  • Servite Rosary or the Rosary of the Seven Sorrows ~ This one also has seven (7) mysteries, but different from the Franciscan Crown, it only has 7 beads for the Hail Marys.
  • Benedictine ~ also said in the Dominican style, but there is usually a Benedictine cross and a center medallion.

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